Renewing Employment Through Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector is well placed to create jobs, many of which require new skills. Anél Lewis finds out more about the new career opportunities in this evolving sector.

IPPs And The Law

Matt Ash, a director of Norton Rose Fulbright, on how independent power procurement works, what the legalities are and what this ultimately means for our energy future.

Investing In Renewable Energy

Caryn Gootkin talks to key investors about what is driving investment in renewables, what they look for in a renewable project, how such investments are structured and what sort of returns can be expected.

Sustainable Forms Of Energy

It is well known that the consumption of fossil fuels contributes significantly to climate change. So what other, more sustainable options are available to help wean us off these “dirty” fuels? Rodney Weidemann investigates.

Renewable Energy Prospects For 2022

Gareth Griffiths takes a look at the status of the local renewable energy market in 2022, and what the future may hold. 

What Does COP26 Mean For SA?

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference opens the door to address Eskom’s problems, suggests James Francis. 


South Africa’s renewable energy tender programme is about more than adding clean power to South Africa’s grid, writes Trevor Crighton.

One Man’s Waste…

The world is facing waste and energy crises, but there are means available to address both challenges at once, writes Rodney Weidemann. 


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