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The focus for this issue of Empowerment is ironically within the name of the publication, “power”. But the power we are focusing on is the more traditional power needed to light up our country and economy. There is no doubt about the debilitating impact the insecure energy supply has on every aspect of society, but especially the economy. We know that empowerment suffers when there is slow or no economic growth.

What has happened since the appointment of a Minister of Electricity located in the Presidency? We look at the challenges he has faced since taking office, his progress so far, and the options available to sort out the energy crisis. It is not an easy task, and, just over three months since his appointment, it looks like he is on a hiding to nothing.

We also look at why some companies score high on the environmental, social and governance scorecards while others struggle. We hope that by focusing on the success stories, we might be able to inspire others to follow suit. In the long run, greater endurance to ESG principles will benefit companies’ profitability, as one of our interviewees said. One of South Africa’s biggest industries is the agricultural sector. It used to be associated with white men, but has undergone many changes in the past few years.

We take a fresh look at transformation and the obstacles it has faced in this industry. Technology and infrastructure are always held up as areas that can help with economic growth and empowerment. We consider how effective empowerment has been in these sectors.

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