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Made in SA

In this issue of Made in South Africa we take a look at talented South Africans who have made it big on the global stage. And as the worst of the pandemic recedes, so our tourist venues are reopening, and nothing says “South Africa” quite like a wine route.

In this issue, we meander through the various wine farms and tipples along the popular Route 62, and investigate the country’s best craft drinks. We also talk to successful local manufacturers across a range of industries, as well as some black-owned businesses developing products specifically for the local market, including indigenous toys, books and appliances.

It would not be a true Made in South Africa publication without exploring the heritage and origins of some of our nation’s most popular and unique dishes now enjoyed around the world. Ultimately, whether it is food, drink, music or product development, when it is made in South Africa, it is just so much better!

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