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Social Impact

Regular readers of this publication would have noticed that it is no longer called CSI, but rather Social Impact. The new name reflects the reality that, as businesses, nongovernmental organisations and individuals, we need to do more to root out social injustices and challenges. We need to do more to uplift society in a meaningful way, going beyond ticking the boxes in an attempt to improve our black economic empowerment rating and access government contracts.

We need to see the work that we do, whether it is through philanthropy or corporate social responsibility, as tackling the root causes of social ills such as poverty, inequality and unemployment, which of course lead to other social ills, such as crime and corruption.

Moreover, now more than ever, we have to do everything in a sustainable manner. In this issue of Social Impact we unpack the effect social investment has on long-term sustainability and development. We highlight how this type of investment supports meaningful corporate citizenship where what we do adds real value to the people and communities around us. We hope you enjoy the read and that it will help you make more of a social impact, whether it is through your company or personally.

Ryland Fisher, Editor

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