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In this issue of Human Resources, we examine how companies have changed their approach to issues like employee benefits and wellness. Mental and financial wellness, especially, are high on the agenda for both HR professionals and employees. We also consider how medical aids have evolved, particularly in light of what the proposed implementation of South Africa’s National Health Insurance might mean to these organisations, and how they may have to evolve in order to coexist with such a scheme.
An ongoing concern for South Africa is the “brain drain”, something that is now being exacerbated by the electricity and infrastructure challenges facing the country. We consider the incentives –  from financial bonuses to flexible hours – that employers are offering to keep staff, and whether or not these are working. Hiring the right staff is imperative in today’s economy, and psychometric testing plays a huge role in getting such appointments right, first time. We look at how effective these tests are, and how they are undertaken.
We also hear from thought leaders who share their insights into key areas of HR like outplacement, skills development and financial advice, as well as those pondering the role of HR in 2023, the possibility of “rebranding” the function, and what it takes to be a top employer. Clearly, HR is an industry on the cusp of even greater
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