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  1. Deloitte’s Women @ Work 2023: The Global Survey, highlights some very interesting findings.

• Drop in burnout represents some progress, but mental health is still poor – and stigma remains.

• When it comes to menstruation and menopause, many women often struggle in silence in the workplace. Broader concerns about women’s rights, financial security, health and personal safety prevail.

• Women bear the greatest responsibility for household tasks and often feel they need to prioritise their partners’ careers despite the fact that 88 per cent of respondents work full time, nearly half of them having primary responsibility for domestic tasks such as cleaning or caring for dependants.

• Women want more flexibility at work, but it is still not a reality for many – and this is impacting their career choices with more survey respondents having left their jobs in the past year than in 2020 and 2021 combined.

• Women are still experiencing noninclusive behaviours – and many are still not reporting them to their employers, with 44 per cent of respondents reporting experiencing harassment and/or microaggressions in the workplace over the past year.

• Women in under-represented groups still face more challenges in the workplace.

Similar to the previous two reports, the 2023 research found that women in under-represented groups face more significant challenges than the overall sample when it comes to mental health, noninclusive behaviours, work/life balance, and burnout. • Gender equality leaders remain few and far between. The proportion of women who work for gender equality leaders – organisations that, according to the responses of the women surveyed, foster inclusive cultures that support them and promote mental wellbeing – remains at five per cent, the same as last year. These findings are, unfortunately, not surprising, and we tackle some of these themes in this issue of FM Women. Our female leaders share the why and how of and the solutions around inclusivity, taboos about menopause and the great resignation phenomenon, which are plaguing the progress in female leadership.


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