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Sunday Times Supply Chain

Sunday Times Supply Chain is a Bi-Annual large-format publication in print and digital. Distributed to selected Sunday Times subscribers as well as all SAPICS members.

The supply chain sector has been severely impacted in the past couple of years. In this issue we consider how the latest Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will affect the supply chain arena, and which of these solutions will most effectively drive real transformation. At the same time, there remains a disparity between the potential and actual gains achieved from supply chain digitalisation.  We look into why these gaps exist and how to plug them. There is a theory that shorter, more localised supply chains might be the future for this industry, especially in the wake of the challenges created by the pandemic across world-spanning supply chains. Despite this, others see a future in global supply chains, placing their faith in multimodal shipping hubs as the future of worldwide transport and logistics. One thing that is clear is that materials handling in South Africa can only be improved by allowing private operators access to Transnet’s rail network. We investigate the benefits that might spring from adopting such an approach. We also examine the role electric vehicles, how the “as-a-service” model is being adopted into logistics, and the manner in which more efficient vehicle utilisation and better route planning can impact the circular economy. Finally, none of the above can be achieved without relevant skills, so it is worth considering the supply chain competencies that are most in demand – notably those focused on sustainable practices – and the deepening role of the supply chain consultant in an industry facing constant change.

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