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Sunday Times Supply Chain is a Bi-Annual large-format publication in print and digital. Distributed to selected Sunday Times subscribers as well as all SAPICS members.

VUCA. If there was an acronym for our age, this is it. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) have all been on the rise since the introduction of the concept in 1987. While the term itself is a deceptively simple one to describe four discrete challenges, which require discrete responses, it’s a useful starting point for preparing to do business in our increasingly unpredictable world – particularly if you work in supply chain management.
Preparation lies at the heart of resilience – the capacity to withstand, recover from and adapt to challenges. It’s a capacity severely tested in supply chains over the past few years. Thus, it’s apt that we kick off this issue of Supply Chain Management by examining what it takes to build resilience into your supply chain. In a world of increasing VUCA, there are no easy solutions. The best we can do is prepare well, respond quickly and adapt continuously.

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