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The South African Schools Collection

The pandemic accelerated the shift to technology in the classroom as teachers and learners made a rapid transition to online learning out of necessity. As a result, technology has become an integral part of the classroom, but in this era of digitalisation and artificial intelligence, there is also renewed focus on the skills that teachers and learners need to navigate a rapidly evolving world. Creativity, conflict resolution and collaboration are just some of the skills that will put learners in good stead to succeed in any career, even those that may not have been developed yet. With access to technology and platforms for online learning, teachers can become facilitators and not just deliverers of content. They should also encourage learners to use technology in all subjects, not just the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, to better prepare them for future careers.

In this issue of The South African Schools Collection, we not only tackle issues around technology in the classroom, but also highlight the challenges and positive impacts of life skills learning, outdoor education, how to support our children’s mental wellness, and we broach the issue of gender neutrality at school.

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