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South Africa is a franchising nation with a large range of businesses employing hundreds of thousands of workers and contributing millions to the economy. The strength of the local franchising sector is a tribute to the value of standardised business procedures, contracts and proposals, along with the support that the model offers to budding entrepreneurs in a country that desperately needs to stimulate small business.

In this issue of Franchising, we review the sector’s strengths as revealed by the Franchise Association of South Africa’s latest survey. What’s really interesting about franchising in South Africa is that it’s dominated by local businesses, with almost 75 per cent of our franchises being local in origin, so we dig into the reasons behind this, as well as the potential challenges international franchises might face in setting up shop here. Of course, a business is only as strong as its people, and thus effective HR management is crucial.

We look at the type of information that should be included in a franchise manual in this respect, along with the legal obligations that franchisors and franchisees should bear in mind when operating a business in South Africa. Staying on that theme, we gauge the outlook for HR and payroll outsourcing franchises in a world of distributed teams. And speaking of distributed workers, we also find out how a local real estate company navigated a franchise partnership with flexible space provider WeWork.


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