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The engineering of infrastructure development in today’s world needs to evolve towards revolutionising the way in which technology is researched, developed and used, states Sabine Dall’Omo, CEO of Siemens South Africa.

You’re Special

Expedited by increasingly adept technology and data analysis, personalised marketing is evolving rapidly. Stephen Timm looks at how it can be used to build loyalty among customers.

Small Towns Regeneration Conference

The recent inaugural Small Towns Regeneration Conference centred on the impending need to revitalise small town communities, thereby reducing the excessive rate of urbanisation, writes Dumile Sibindana.

What’s Big In Tech?

Adam Oxford takes a look at the biggest trends in ICT today, and where smart companies are investing their time and money.

Faddy Or Fad

Organics, smart food, slow food – so many buzzwords, so little science, writes Nick Cowen.

Finding Energy

South Africa is looking harder for a solution to its power-shortages reports Lesley Stones.

Wealth Of Talent

Top finance houses are forerunners in engaging women and promoting them to senior positions, writes Lucinda Jordaan.

African Allure

Sandvik to establish local manufacturing facility.

From M&E To Impact Measurement

Last year showed a remarkable about-turn in awareness of the existence of social impact measurement. Reinoud Willemsen and Vuyelwa Madela explain the finer detail.

Are We Wasting Land?

The effect that artificial irrigation has on farmland can’t be underestimated.

The Resurgence Of A Carbon-Based Industrialised Community

South Africa sits on the verge of a dilemma – the collapse of the coal industry and all that it represents – or the resurgence of a new and sustainable coal-based industry.

A Most Loyal Creature

Everything I know about loyalty, I learned from the cat. Well, brand loyalty, anyway, writes Gus Silber.


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