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A review of an authoritative book on the 27th Sophia Gray Memorial Lecture, and a call for a fuller record of the occasion and its surrounding events.

Smoked Trout

Get ready to taste one of the best dishes you'll ever eat – smoked trout roulade filled with cream cheese and dill.

Brokering Change

With black stockbroking firms facing immense challenges in the South African market, Sandile Luthuli looks at what is being done to balance the scales.

The Value Of Public-Private Partnerships

With the growth of private sector investment in Africa’s public infrastructure, public-private partnerships have emerged as the favoured vehicle for infrastructure projects, particularly in the energy and transport sectors.

The Pain Of Repetitive Strain

If we were to sustain an injury, most of us would expect it to happen while doing something active, but the most sedentary of activities – sitting at your computer day in and day out – can be just as debilitating, writes Zaza Motha.

Finding The Base Line

Base metals have suffered ups and downs in 2017, and more of the same can be expected in 2018.

Printing Possibilities

Typically associated with prototyping, additive manufacturing has the potential to add value across the production spectrum. Anthony Sharpe starts from the bottom.

Is The Public Sector Female Friendly?

Do women in the public sector experience the same challenges as their private-sector counterparts? Lisa Witepski investigates.

Escape The Everyday

Superbalist co-founder and former COO, Mikael Hanan, makes the case for getting away from your regular place of business and taking the work headspace into new and unexpected places.


Construction workers can develop skills over years of work, say Adam Oxford and Clinton Matos, but can they turn those into the formal qualifications and certifications required to fill the perceived skills gap?

Anatomy Of A Local Financial Crisis

Almost ten years on, South Africa is still reeling from the effects of the 2008/2009 recession. Ryland Fisher dissects the reasons why.

Uis In Steady State Production By 2019

AfriTin’s AIM listing offers investors an attractive tin opportunity.


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