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We all know that the world is warming, forests are being flattened, species are disappearing, and we’re marching steadily into the maw of the greatest existential threat humanity has ever faced. But that’s all a bit abstract, isn’t it? You know what people really understand, though? Money. Research indicates that failing to address climate change could cost poor countries (that includes us) more than R3.2-trillion by 2030. This issue of Green looks at the rands and cents of sustainability.

We examine direct air capture technology, and how sustainable construction approaches turn out to save carbon and money too. South Africa’s carbon credit market is evolving in line with global standards, and businesses are adapting to mitigate the risks posed by climate change to their operations. On the ground, degrading soil quality carries a potentially harrowing cost to food security, while up in the air, green hydrogen looks set to power our aircraft one day.

We ponder where the infrastructural investment required to carry out a just energy transition will come from and contemplate the role of small-scale fisheries in the multitrillion-rand blue economy. There’s also green home products, sustainable winemaking, environmental awards, and innovations.

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