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Made in South Africa


Classy Coffee

Clinton Matos visits the engineering firm that is doing the unthinkable: selling coffee machines to Italians.

Changing The Energy Sector

How we make and use our electricity supply is changing. Sahil Lala takes a look at two reports.

Being Funny Is A Serious Business

Nick Cowen wonders if Trevor Noah’s success will help other local comedians abroad.

Shooting For The Stars

So many to choose from, so little space. Lungelo Shezi looks at some local athletes who are at the top of their game.

Why Are South Africa’s Startups So Keen To Leave?

Our strict exchange controls may well be pushing South African entrepreneurs away, and stifling the local innovation that these regulations claim to protect. Carolyn de Kock reports.

Emergency Stop

Adam Oxford and Lungelo Shezi explain how high-tech innovations are making some of South Africa’s toughest communities safer.


Made in SA is a supplement magazine to be inserted into the Sunday Times in March 2016. A large format glossy publication – slightly bigger than standard A4 size, designed to stimulate the ever growing desire to buy, appreciate and embrace locally made. The publication proudly brings together innovative brands, businesses, pioneering thinkers, as well as promoting the best of South Africa.

Made in SA showcases and pays tribute to brands, products, innovations, people, places etc. recognising contributions made towards growing SA’s economy, reputation and development. How locally made products benefits all South Africans by providing employment and a range of flow-on effects that boost our economy.


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