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Made in South Africa


An Artistic Endeavor

A new gallery in Cape Town could be a cultural catalyst, helping local artists on the global scene. Edward Tsumele investigates.

Follow That

Scared of missing out on the biggest social media stories? Sahil Lala finds 10 local online influencers everyone should be keeping an eye on.

How Well Do You Know The CSIR?

It’s one of the most productive, innovative and interesting agencies. Brendyn Lotz celebrates some of the achievements your taxes helped to pay for.

5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Made In SA

Clinton Matos goes in search of globally recognised products and services that are as local as Mrs Balls.

Re-Made in SA

It’ll surprise you to find out how effective our recycling industry is, says Adam Oxford, but it could always be better.

A Playful Business

From smartphones to dedicated consoles, videogames are the fastest-growing sector of the entertainment economy in South Africa, says Nick Cowen. And local developers are cashing in.


Made in SA is a supplement magazine to be inserted into the Sunday Times in March 2016. A large format glossy publication – slightly bigger than standard A4 size, designed to stimulate the ever growing desire to buy, appreciate and embrace locally made. The publication proudly brings together innovative brands, businesses, pioneering thinkers, as well as promoting the best of South Africa.

Made in SA showcases and pays tribute to brands, products, innovations, people, places etc. recognising contributions made towards growing SA’s economy, reputation and development. How locally made products benefits all South Africans by providing employment and a range of flow-on effects that boost our economy.


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