Easylife Kitchens

Becoming an Easylife Kitchen franchisee is easier than you think and offers good return on your investment.

Make The Most Of Your Garage Space

Garages at homes throughout South Africa have long been used as places to store junk. But, there is a better way…

Wood Joints And Joining Techniques

When starting out in DIY and woodworking projects it’s important to understand the various joining techniques that can be used to join the different pieces of your project together.

Savvy Shopper

Whether you’re repairing a leak, updating or painting, here’s a roundup of products designed to improve your home.

How To Cut Glass Tiles Without A Wet Saw

I’m busy tiling my kitchen backsplash and wanted to find a way to cut the glass tiles without using a wet saw. By Janice Anderssen of DIY Divas.

Thrillers, Spillers And Fillers

Hanging baskets and containers are ideal to brighten up small balconies and large patios. Whether you are looking for bursts of brilliant colour or more muted tones, there are various options to delight your senses.

Turnaround Strategy

Explore the ups and downs of renovating a house in Kensington with a couple who saw great potential and beauty in this historical home.

DIY 101: Raising Your Garden

Whether you are looking to start an urban vegetable garden or for a new outdoor feature, planting a raised garden is a wonderful outdoor project.

Make Your Own Compost

Turning a heap of kitchen and garden waste into gardener’s gold in early autumn could result in a compost heap ready to enrich your garden by spring.