Mark Silberman On Banks And Sustainable Business

Banks need to play a bigger role where sustainable business have timing differences.

The CIPC Compliance Checklist Part 3

Owing to the complaints about the CIPC checklist, some of which I will deal with below, a new notice has been published by the CIPC – Notice 9 of 2020.

The CIPC Compliance Checklist Part 2

It’s true that there is a lack of company law knowledge in the accounting profession…

The CIPC Compliance Checklist Part 1

What is all the fuss about? The CIPC changed the requirements of the Compliance checklist on the 6th March 2020 which became compulsory for all companies to complete starting on 1 January 2020.

A Peek Preview: Tech That Will Shape SMEs In 2020

It’s that time of year again! While you list all of those New Year’s resolutions, we are polishing our IoT-enabled crystal ball to find out what 2020 will hold for IT in your business.

South African Resilience Means Opportunities For Women In Australia

20 years ago Mairead Carstens, a former Springbok triathlete, duathlete, cyclist and self-made business owner from Johannesburg, took a big leap into the unknown and moved to Australia.

You Don’t Need Thousands To Invest Offshore

You can own equity in an Uber-style Australian tech start up for as little as R1 000.

Opening A Business In Australia

Peter Borain moved from South Africa to Australia almost twenty years ago, bought a small moving company and grew it into a successful, national brand called “MetroMovers.”

Five Reasons to Embrace Mobile IT For Daily Business

Over the past few years, Sub-Saharan Africa has led the world in mobile take-up growth.

Why It’s Time To Invest In Smart Home Technology

While many of us still think of ‘smart homes’ as a concept reserved for the super rich (or super geeky), smart home technology is quickly becoming very accessible – and arguably very important for homeowners.

Finding Your Industry Niche in Australia

Peter Borain arrived in Australia 18 years ago, bought a small, two truck moving company and expanded it into a recognised, multi-state brand that includes mobile self-storage.

The Benefits And Differences For South Africans Doing Business In Australia

There are many benefits for South African entrepreneurs looking to enter the Australian market.

Capisol Forges Excellent Client Relationship With Stalcor

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is not a new concept, however it continues to revolutionise the software industry – and the delivery thereof- with increased emphasis and focus on client service.

Capisol Software

Switching to cloud-native document automation saves costs and improves cash flow.

Technology-Infused Time Travel

Looking back on 21 years of innovation.

Nedbank’s Cloud Journey And The Future Of Cloud

Technology is a key component of Nedbank’s strategy, with the design of the overall Nedbank Group strategy informed by your IT transformation, modernisation and digitisation strategies.

Green And Smart – The IM Series Of Printers

Just a few years ago the words ‘ethical’ and ‘technology’ wouldn’t be uttered in the same sentence.

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Capisol Software’s Cloud-Native Platform

How Capisol Software’s cloud-native platform can put your business’s cash flow a ‘click above the rest’.

Supporting SME Growth with Custom IT Solutions

It is no secret that small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) form the backbone of the South African economy.