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Capisol Forges Excellent Client Relationship With Stalcor

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is not a new concept, however it continues to revolutionise the software industry – and the delivery thereof- with increased emphasis and focus on client service.

Capisol, a proudly local developer and provider of an integrated, cloud-native, document management platform, has made client service excellence part of its core business strategy from the day the company was established in 2013. Nearly seven years down the line, Capisol’s commitment to its clients has set new best practice benchmarks in the SaaS sector.

Judy Coppin

Stalcor, which was one of Capisol’s first clients, is an outstanding example of how allocating equal importance to the solution offered – as well as to client service – creates long-lasting and powerful business partnerships.

In 2014, Stalcor joined with sister company Global Roofing Solutions (GRS) under the Consolidated Steel Industries (CSI) umbrella. Judy Coppin, Credit Director for Stalcor, was in charge of aligning all debtors processes.

“Prior to partnering with Capisol, we faced the challenge of manually tracking proof of deliveries across multiple systems. I recall my team regularly having to search for signed documents from warehouses, factories, contractors and even our branches across the country. In order to resolve queries, financial documents were being scanned and either manually emailed or hand-delivered to.

As a credit director, I realised there was simply too much room for human error and delays. Looking back, making the call to partner with Capisol Software is one of best business decisions we have ever made. It not only makes our lives easier – but also our customers’ lives easier!” says Coppin.

“Five years on, Capisol has not only streamlined our accounts receivable process, but has become an integral part of how we do business,” she adds.

Easier and more accessible

Chris de Zeeuw

Capisol offers a cloud-native automated document management system, making all documents instantly linked and accessible, and eliminating the need for printing, scanning and manual emails.

“Large, complex businesses such as Stalcor require a single, seamless platform which can handle all their financial document processes. Capisol integrates into the CSI systems, ensuring that all customer information is maintained in a single source. This reduces the risk of invoices, credit notes and statements being sent to the wrong email addresses, and ensures updates need only be processed in one place. The automation therefore not only reduces risk, but with the built-in email tracking and security, minimises the delay in payments to the business,” says Christopher de Zeeuw, Managing Director of Capisol Software.

Furthermore, according to Coppin, one of the reasons this platform is such a success, is because Capisol makes it user-friendly and accessible to their clients.

A week’s processing reduced to a day

Just one month into their partnership with Capisol, Stalcor’s month-end financial process was reduced to a single day – instead of taking a full week as it had previously.

Coppin comments: “Not only does this system substantially reduce the risk of human error, but fewer mistakes are made, as there is now more time to double-check details and follow up with customers when required. As a result, we have seen a huge improvement in our overall efficiency as a team. Consequently, we are delivering a better quality service to our clients, which is invaluable to our reputation as a business. Furthermore – and very importantly – critical aspects such as our audit trail and cash flow have positively improved!”

Excellent client service

Capisol prides itself on ensuring their clients can seamlessly perform all their financial document processes in a single cloud-native platform. As one of their first clients, Stalcor has been operating on the Capisol platform since the first version that was launched in 2013. The software has since undergone many upgrades and changes in the backend, with no interruption to their clients’ day-to-day operations or added costs being charged.

“We are very aware that our product is not just a document management platform, but a core part of our clients’ daily business and financial operations. Therefore, whenever we need to do updates or changes, we keep service interruption to a minimum”, says de Zeeuw.

Coppin, in fact, cannot remember ever experiencing a system interruption due to Capisol-related maintenance or upgrades.

“I know my staff members very occasionally call the Capisol helpdesk for assistance – which in itself says plenty about how smoothly our process runs with this software in place. If anything is escalated to my attention, I know with certainty that one phone call to Capisol, everything is resolved professionally and efficiently. It is refreshing to know that we can rely on a trusted partner in this way, without any doubts.

I am a debtors expert, not an IT expert, and Capisol understood that right from the start. Their goal was to provide me with excellent client service, and in so doing, to make my debtors department – and our systems and processes – more efficient, not to sell me software per se. I think that has been the key to our successful partnership all these years,” she enthuses.

Trust is key

Capisol has earned a stellar reputation as the ‘go-to’ provider for automated financial document management solutions. A large part of this is due to their diligence around data security and staying up to date in the fast-moving world of technology.

“Keeping all your data in a cloud-based system minimises the risk that data will be stored on desktops, in email, or even on printed documents. Without a central automated data solution, businesses open themselves up for the potential loss of data. We therefore ensure our clients’ data – and our reputation for being trustworthy – is protected on our platform.”de Zeeuw explains.

“With Capisol we have dramatically improved our debtors systems, processes and document management. I would strongly advise other companies’ financial decision-makers to consider this platform, as the return-on-investment is tremendous.

When you add up all the costs saved in administration time, the reduction of human errors and reduction in the risk of fraud – not to mention the increased efficiency, cash flow optimisation and the ease and speed of all related financial processes and reporting – opting for a cloud-native, automated document management solution really is the best decision you can make for your business,” Coppin concludes.

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