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Green And Smart – The IM Series Of Printers

Just a few years ago the words 'ethical' and 'technology' wouldn’t be uttered in the same sentence.

Today, with the various European Green political parties gaining a stronghold in the European Parliament and declaring they want ‘a mandate for change’ the business world will most certainly have to sit up and take notice of their environment.

“The recently instituted South African Carbon Tax Act 15 of 2019 will have a massive impact for companies,” explains Mark Taylor, CEO at Nashua. “People need to understand it’s not just about gas emissions from cars, but about what’s consumed in the workspace as well. That’s where a product such as the IMC devices comes in.”

Energy Efficiency = Lower Costs

When the IMC2000 – 6000 devices were designed they not only took the environment into account but most importantly productivity and cost-efficiency. Their aim was to reduce business’s carbon footprint, whilst simultaneously driving down cost and reducing unnecessary waste. “Energy is a scarce commodity in our country and we need to start becoming more aware in our use of office equipment, which tends to be energy vampires.

Leaving equipment running 24 hours a day puts a massive burden on power supplies points out Taylor. “The IMC printers are in permanent sleep mode until someone walks towards them and intuitively they’re ready to print immediately.”

Working Smarter

In the ‘old days’ several different machines, each with its own energy source would be needed to manage the many processes that can now be done with this one device. And in keeping with the move towards social sustainability this machine has been designed taking into account staff’s well-being and security – applying green processes for a healthy employee environment.

“There’s no training needed for this type of equipment. If you can use an android or smartphone then the IMC’s intuitive interface won’t be a challenge. It’s like using an app on a phone, plus an extremely powerful camera – as in the best cell phones around. What you’re doing here is expanding your personal world into your office world,” adds Taylor.


Another story that constantly makes headlines is the amount of plastic polluting our ecosystems. Using the latest technology Nashua has taken this into account, with a firm focus of reusing and recycling of consumables, parts and raw materials.

Building An Eco-System Of Products And Services

Just like Apple products talk to each other, that’s Nashua’s aim – all-round connectivity. “The focus for us is connectivity and efficiency. When Windows 10 was launched they said there would be no further versions just updates. Windows 10 would remain just that. For us, the IMC is the same. All you’ll need are the updates which can be downloaded again just like apps on a phone.”

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