What Does The Future Hold?

Glenneis Kriel looks at the challenges and trends dominating the agrochemicals market.

Supporting Our Food Heroes

A look at how the agricultural sector performed during the COVID-19 pandemic and what its future holds. By James Francis.

Food For Thought

Colluli targets 2022 production.

Producing A Harvest Despite The Challenges

Despite the agriculture sector being hard hit by COVID-19, young South Africans are implementing innovative strategies to survive the crisis. Levi Letsoko reports.

The Science Of Soil

Understanding soil can play a major role in farming and food security. Joanne Carew investigates.

Feeding A Hungry Nation

Just over a third of corporates are adding food security to their CSI allocations, and they are carving out bigger nutrition budgets as the stark reality of hunger shows its face, writes Lynnette Johns.

From Wood To Wonder

The role of biochar in climate change mitigation.

Image: President Cyril-Ramaphosa at GEN Johannesburg

Ramaphosa Outlines Economic Stimulus And Recovery Plan

President Cyril Ramaphosa has outlined an economic stimulus and recovery plan which aims to give priority to “those areas of economic activity that will have the greatest impact on youth, women and small businesses.”

Image: © Shutterstock - 725014492

The Unexpected Economic Star

Against the backdrop of a stagnant economy, agriculture was largely responsible for helping South Africa pull itself out of recession in September. Michelle Nel looks at why.

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5 New Agritech Start-Ups In Africa

Entrepreneurs across Africa are using technology to create sustainable solutions to some of the biggest problems faced by the agricultural sector, writes Lungelo Shezi.

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An Equitable Future

Ownership of land is a touchy subject in South Africa. But one permaculture project in the Eastern Free State is giving hope to rural farming communities, as Samantha Clair Bezuidenhout discovers.

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Not A Drop To Drink

The Western Cape still faces mounting water shortages and the challenges that come with that. Lungelo Shezi investigates.

Urbanisation And Food Security: The Fat Truth

Caroline de Kock explains why urban South Africans are getting fatter, while others go hungry.