Formfunc Studio

Formfunc Studio’s office and distribution centre achieves South Africa’s first interior 6-star Green Star Award.

Combining Natural Daylight, Artificial Lighting In Office Fit-Outs

Office lighting has to be flexible, save energy, be controllable, and also make the most of daylight.

The Power Of Vision In Action

Dr Niel Rall: CEO: Leadership Dynamics

SkyGroup Communications Adds New Portfolio For Microsoft Teams

SkyGroup Communications has recently added Yealink’s voice and video portfolio for Microsoft Teams to its growing communications portfolio.

World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2019

The world’s ability to foster collective action in the face of urgent major crises has reached crisis levels, with worsening international relations hindering action across a growing array of serious challenges.

Does Your Surveillance Centre Need An LCD Video Wall?

Marius van Wyk, Technical and Operations Director at SkyGroup Communications, says critical decisions are made at surveillance centres.

Think Layers Of Security – And Start With The Physical

It takes more than security software to protect your corporate network, says Netshield.

A Video Solution For Every Meeting Space

Explore the right fit. Make every meeting room matter.

Commuting Is Damaging Productivity – Time To Embrace Remote Working

As a business it might be time to look at investigating whether or not remote working will work for you. But firstly, is your business geared to make the move and if not what can you do to make it happen.

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Authentic Leadership Behaviour Change: It Starts With Me

Leadership Dynamics focuses on emotional intelligence training, leadership development, change management, team dynamics and business development.

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Netshield Media Converters

Netshield media converters bridge the copper and fibre gap in your network, inexpensively.

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Turning IT Relics Into Business Viable Infrastructure

The IT shop in your business is probably full of old relics, resulting from IT’s ability to morph and change at the speed of light. Convert these items into useful business assets.

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