Food Safety, Future Food Supplies And Packaging

Historically seen as two separate areas, health and the environment are two converging issues within the food and beverage industry – perhaps the first manufacturing sector to see this trend, writes Stefan Fageräng, managing director of Tetra Pak South Africa.

Nutrition And Food Safety

SPONSORED: NMISA is a type 3A entity and agency of the Department of trade, industry, and competition (the dtic), established and fulfilling its legal mandate under the Measurement Units and Measurement Standards Act, Act no. 18 of 2006: to keep the National Measurement Standards for South Africa and ensure global equivalence of our measurement units.

NMISA Enables Food Safety Testing Within The AfCFTA

SPONSORED: Metrology plays a crucial role in underpinning measurements for trade, protecting human health, safety, and the environment.

Tackling Sustainability And Food Security

Sustainability and food security are a major focus for South Africa’s food producers, writes Trevor Crighton.

People Need The Ocean To Thrive

Without good functioning, oceanic ecosystems life would be impossible on our planet, writes environmentalist and MPA guide Sinegugu Zukulu.

Potatoes Key To Solving SA Malnutrition Challenges

SPONSORED: As South Africa joined in celebrating World Food Day on the 16 October, the spotlight has been thrust on the growing triple burden of malnutrition facing vulnerable households – especially given rising food insecurity and the loss of livelihoods in the wake of the pandemic.

NMISA Contributes Towards A Hunger-Free South Africa

SPONSORED: South Africa remains a food-insecure country at household level. According to Statistics SA: ‘’almost 20% of South African households had inadequate or severely inadequate access to food in 2017’’.

The Link Between AI And Crop Health

How artificial intelligence is being deployed to find smarter ways to combat pests and pathogens and monitor crop health, writes Professor Dave Berger, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI), University of Pretoria.

Waste And Food Security

South Africa has plenty of food. So, why are millions of people going hungry?
By James Francis. 

Africa Food Safety Workshop Held By NMISA Will Yield Positive Results In Food And Feed Industry

SPONSORED: NMISA in partnership with the Joint Food and Agricultural Organization-International Atomic Energy Agency (FAO-IAEA) Centre held a free virtual Africa Food Safety Workshop to promote standards, reliable testing and international cooperation for better public health and trade.

Supporting Our Food Heroes

A look at how the agricultural sector performed during the COVID-19 pandemic and what its future holds. By James Francis.

Is South Africa Hungry?

Zero hunger is Goal 2 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. How is South Africa shaping up in the meeting of this goal? Gareth Griffiths reports.

BD World Food Day

BD World Food Day In this issue of World Food Day (16 October) we celebrate 41 years of the United Nation’s (UN) commitment to a global food programme to eradicate hunger. The UN shares that globally currently more than 815 million people do not have enough to eat and that about 155 million children under… Read more »