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SPONSORED: Paragon Group is an internationally active, Africa-based group of design businesses with an almost 25-year track record in a variety of property investment and development sectors.

We deliver Masterplanning, Architecture, Space Planning, Interior Design, and Development Management Advisory services to visionary clients across the African continent. Across continental Africa, we increasingly offer turnkey multi-disciplinary professional service solutions in Design-Build contracts for clients who prefer compact one-stop procurement solutions.

Paragon is your Business Partner for Design Excellence

All the projects we touch, deserve exceptional quality design and communication, and need to be founded in a defendable business case.

We know and understand the multi-stakeholder landscape of property development. We form the strongest link in complex project teams.

The award-winning designs we turn into built reality, are delivered with solid teams in a context of contractual integrity, consistent and clear communication, and the continuing search for best value.

Paragon Architects is your partner for continental African development projects that create long-term value through quality decision-making.

Let us join you on your African investment and development journey as your preferred partner.

The Paragon Group now employs about 85 professional architects and designers in three Group companies. We are one of the largest design practices in Sub-Saharan Africa, having worked in the capital cities of 24 countries in Africa. We have always been generalists in our approach to projects and knowledge generation. We have real and active knowledge in multiple property industry sectors.

We are committed to the future of Africa: its people and its cities. We are deeply invested in our home country of South Africa. We are perceived to be one of the top employers in our industry.

We love what we do, and it shows. Our work is driven by a deep curiosity for the process of architecture as a craft. We live for the hands-on engagement with all opportunities that the modern building industry has to offer: from global influences to local flavour and nuance.

Our buildings contribute to an urban future that is more equitable, better for the planet, and supportive of local manufacturing and work opportunities. We believe in people, we invest in people, and we encourage those in our project ecosystem to be their best through the way we guide projects for clients.

Most importantly, we have not lost our sense of humour, and we are genuinely optimistic.


Contact Details:

Henning Rasmuss

Director : International Projects


Mobile:  +27 83 449 2670


Mbilinga Mall - Retail Centre Apartments and Night Club, Libreville, Gabon

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