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Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone Licencing Company SOC Ltd

SPONSORED: (SBIDZ-LC) is the first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) located within a port and remains the only sector-specific SEZ in South Africa that caters to the oil and gas, maritime fabrication and repair industries, and related support services.

The 356 ha space, integral to national and regional infrastructure development, is the single largest project government has embarked upon in the Western Cape. It is a strategic government initiative to promote and foster new areas of economic growth and development to fulfil the National Development Plan (NDP). The Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone (SBIDZ) was designated as a Customs Controlled Area (CCA) and Freeport in July 2019.

The SBIDZ policy priorities align with the Western Cape Government’s five strategic Vision-Inspired Priorities. These are: 1) to ensure the establishment of a safe and cohesive community, 2) grow the economy and provide jobs, 3) empower the people within the community, 4) encourage and promote mobility, as well as accelerate the spatial transformation and improve the lived environment, and 5) instil a culture of innovation.

Most importantly, its evolving partnership with Transnet has expedited the development of the port. In conjunction with the Transnet National Port Authority (TNPA), four projects have been earmarked for the South Western Precinct in the SBIDZ, which involve building a south-west precinct pier and jetty, installing a mobile hoist and a 220 m ship-lift and lay-by jetty. Access to these facilities would also require dredging a sector of the harbour.

The total capital cost for these port-related projects is approximately R3.5 billion. The SBIDZ’s approach to catalysing investment in these projects is to view them as a long-term partnership between the government, institutions, and private sectors.

Currently, the SBIDZ has a pipeline of 52 investors—11 of which have signed lease agreements—at an investment value of R3.26 billion, and 18% of the gross area has been leased. It is estimated that investment could grow to R23.2 billion by 2030.

The SBIDZ has created more than 2 900 jobs in the five years since it was launched. In the last four years, it delivered more than 2 450 skills training to beneficiaries in readiness for the marine and engineering sectors. It is calculated that the eventual economic contribution of the zone would be more than R12 billion and would result in the creation of more than 21 000 jobs.

The SBIDZ is committed to creating a competitive and profitable zone, with the potential for sustainable growth, for industry investors and local businesses while also ensuring a better future for the community of Saldanha Bay.

For more information, visit the SBIDZ website at

T: +27(0) 22 714 0206 |

24 Main Road, Saldanha Bay


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