The Link Between AI And Crop Health

How artificial intelligence is being deployed to find smarter ways to combat pests and pathogens and monitor crop health, writes Professor Dave Burger, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI), University of Pretoria.

Waste And Food Security

South Africa has plenty of food. So, why are millions of people going hungry?
By James Francis. 

Hatching New Ideas

In a unique new concept that benefits landlords and smaller creative retailers, e-commerce and retail are combined for a new generation of consumer. Lisa Witepski takes a look.

Winelands Disrupted

Farm-fresh deli goods, luxury mountain cottages, horses, bikes, trails, and fascinating adventures for children. Plus, their classic wines and legendary picnics under the oaks. Centuries on, Boschendal is leading the Winelands into the future, writes Katie Bigelow.

Most South Africans Can’t Afford Basic Foods

While inflation seems to be steadily increasing, the sharp April rise to 4,4% from 3,2% in March has largely been driven by transport costs and food prices. According to Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), the year-on-year increase in food and non-alcoholic beverages prices was 6,3%, while transport prices rose by 10,6%. However, the reality is… Read more »

Partnering For New Solutions To An Old-Age Problem

Corporates and nongovernmental organisations are embracing partnerships and new technologies to feed the hungry. By Anthony Sharpe.

All It Takes Is The Right Action

Food travels a complex supply chain. The required reduction in waste to address global hunger and global warming requires all stakeholders to become engaged, writes Gareth Griffiths. 

Farming For A Better Future

Organic and sustainable farming are popular responses to global warming and important for future food security, writes Denise Mhlanga.

Supporting Our Food Heroes

A look at how the agricultural sector performed during the COVID-19 pandemic and what its future holds. By James Francis.

Is South Africa Hungry?

Zero hunger is Goal 2 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. How is South Africa shaping up in the meeting of this goal? Gareth Griffiths reports.

Eat Up

When and how often you eat can impact your weight and insulin needs if you have type 2 diabetes. By Lynne Gidish.

Life After COVID-19: Which Sectors Are Set To Thrive In Africa?

In the wake of COVID-19, Africa has the chance to transform what much of the world sees as insurmountable challenges into monumental opportunities.” – Christopher OH Williams, president of African Leadership University.

The Science Of Soil

Understanding soil can play a major role in farming and food security. Joanne Carew investigates.

Off The Street

Joanne Carew chats to organisations using urban spaces to fight food insecurity.

Courtyard Hotel Launches A La Carte Menu

The five Courtyard Hotels in Rosebank, Sandton and Eastgate in Johannesburg, Arcadia in Pretoria and Port Elizabeth have added an a la carte menu to their offering.


You can’t have it all, but…

Cool Cuisine

From sorghum beer to umphokoqo, local foods are finally culinary chic, says Anna Trapido. 

Image: ©Shutterstock - 197301452

Finding Solutions To Food Waste

What are some South Africans doing to make sure good food doesn’t go to waste? Nick Cowen takes a look.

Image: Sandton City Protea Court

Making Malls Better

Georgina Guedes looks at how South African malls are responding to the needs of their customers to keep them entertained, fed and coming back for more.