By The Numbers

Although there are many more black accountants in South Africa today than ever before, the industry still has a way to go when it comes to transformation, writes Delia Du Toit.

PPS Retirement Summit 25 August 2021

SPONSORED: Having a purpose in retirement is just as important as financial stability.

BASEL IV – Potential Into Practice

SPONSORED: Monocle presents effective operationalisation of the latest capital regulations.

Analysing The Costs Involved In Starting A Successful Franchise Business

By: Amith Singh, National Franchise Manager, Nedbank Business Banking.

Show Me The Money

The proven model of a franchise can smooth the road to securing finance, finds Anél Lewis.

Making Your Franchise A Success: Part II

You’ve done your homework, you’re sure that you want to own a franchise business and you know that you have the financial means to do so: but now what?

New Financial Year, New Payment Habits

SPONSORED: Did you know that 91% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa are owed money outside of their terms of payment?

Innovation In The Payment Space Essential For Financial Inclusion

SPONSORED: Innovation in the payment space is crucial to begin addressing this social ill that is perpetuating poverty and inequality,” says Andrew Hardie, Chief Executive Officer at Pay@.

Navigating Project Financing In The New Normal

By Ogi Williams – Associate Director, In On Africa.

Supply Chain Finance

SPONSORED: How supply chain finance is enabling businesses to survive during a turbulent economy.

COVID, Franchising And Entrepreneurship, Unlikely Allies?

Entrepreneurs with an eye for possibilities are feeling optimistic, says Lisa Witepski. 

Habits To Ease Your Journey On The Way To Financial Independence

Financial independence is taught, not inherited.

The Even Greater Depression

With South Africa’s economy heading towards its worst depression in more than a century, the COVID-19 economic crisis has presented the opportunity for a new social compact, reports Duma Gqubule.

Albaraka Bank Streamlines SARB Reporting

SPONSORED: Banks face the onerous task of compliance reporting.

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Business

The current crisis is affecting all organisations irrespective of size, sector or country of operation.

Irregular Vs Fruitless And Wasteful Expenditure

The Auditor-General’s review of state-owned enterprises has provided a glimpse of the enormity of the challenge facing the Public Enterprises Ministry and financial services institutions in turning around the dire situation caused by a combination of corruption and ineptitude, reports Jermaine Craig.

Feeling The Squeeze Of The Sandwich Generation

The fictional image of multigenerational families looks like rambunctious meals and shared tales around the dinner table. However, writes Puseletso Mompei, this picture omits the overextended caretaker juggling the responsibilities of raising kids and tending to ageing parents.

How Offshore Investing Can Mitigate Risk

A more globalised world, new industries and economic trends warrant a look at how you can cash in on opportunities beyond our borders. Puseletso Mompei investigates.

Stay The Course

The message from our investment experts is simply “keep calm and carry on”, says Kate Ferreira.

Nedbank’s Cloud Journey And The Future Of Cloud

Technology is a key component of Nedbank’s strategy, with the design of the overall Nedbank Group strategy informed by your IT transformation, modernisation and digitisation strategies.