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PPS Retirement Summit 25 August 2021

SPONSORED: Having a purpose in retirement is just as important as financial stability.

For hard-working professionals, conversations about retirement primarily focus on financial preparedness. However, to help them make the most of a lifetime of commitment and achievement in their careers, holistic retirement planning should also incorporate mental, emotional and physical well-being strategies that will allow them to fully thrive in their golden years.

The sense of purpose that drives people to work long hours and tackle daily challenges is often what gives them a sense of identity which they value in their jobs and in their lives. They feel relevant because of their contributions to the workplace, clients, society, and their families.

To avoid the oft-cited reality of post-retirement depression and angst – where that familiar sense of purpose feels lost – taking the time to actively reimagine the construct of life as a successful retiree needs to become as important as managing their money. Fostering new lifestyle habits and finding engaging ways to contribute – be it to past professions, or in communities – are essential for continued fulfilment and longevity.

Harness the power of your retirement at the inaugural PPS Retirement Summit on 25 August 2021 in a three-hour digital livestream, that takes a refreshing look at all the retirement options you never knew you had.

Join Bongani Bingwa and guests online, including Dr Michael Mol, Louis Fourie, Linda Sherlock, Anil Thakersee and Ayanda Seboni at the PPS Retirement Summit, in partnership with Business Day and Financial Mail – making retirement work for you.

PPS – Success is better, shared.

PPS is a Licensed Insurer and Financial Services Provider.

Event details:

Date: August 25 2021

Time: 2pm — 5pm

Location: online

Cost: Free

To register, click here: https://www.pps.co.za/retirementsummit.

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