Waste Not, Surplus Food Wanted

FoodFoward SA is asking for more donations of surplus food to meet increasing demand, reports Caiphus Kgosana.

Widening The Net

Puseletso Mompei looks at how the prevailing medical-related issues post-COVID-19 have redirected CSI spend in the health sector.

Farming For A Better Future

Organic and sustainable farming are popular responses to global warming and important for future food security, writes Denise Mhlanga.

Redirecting Social Investment

Has lockdown tilted CSI spending towards more food relief and health efforts? Caiphus Kgosana finds out.

Businesses And NGOs Must Work Together To Unlock The Power Of CSI

Better collaboration and alignment between business and the NGO community would ‘massively increase’ the impact of corporate social investment (CSI) programmes in South Africa.

Regenerating Mining Communities

Are mining companies really transforming the communities in areas where they extract minerals? Busani Moyo asks the questions.