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Don’t Get Trapped By Your Burglar Bars

What would you do in an emergency whereby you have burglar proofed your entire house or office, and you are trapped during a fire, and you require an escape route?

This is something we don’t always think of when installing burglar bars or security gates in and around our houses or offices.

We hear of horror stories in the news of people being trapped in their houses and losing their lives due to a fire. What we don’t read or hear of is when people were trapped in their houses when intruders forced them into a room without any escape route… all because security was the main objective when the burglar bars were installed.

Now there are solutions that will provide you with the required escape routes.

ViewProtect has developed a full security package when it comes to burglar proofing your home, namely its AluRail Armed Bars, ClearTrellis gates and the Trojan transparent swing gates.

The AluRail Armed Bar option also allows you to add a “HotLock”, an emergency exit to your transparent burglar bars which features a quick and easy release system. In the event where you need to exit your house or office quickly, due to a fire or an intruder which has gained access, you can do so swiftly by opening the HotLock and releasing the transparent burglar bars.

Also by releasing the bars, you have sounded your alarm and help is on the way.

After all the drama and chaos has settled, you are able to re-secure the bars in place without having to replace any bars.

For more information on the HotLock system, view the website at or email

Image: ©Shutterstock - 202718092
Image: ©Shutterstock - 202718092

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