Low Quintile Schools Struggling Due To Pandemic

Some of the most profound impacts of COVID-19 have been the closure of schools, the inability to continue regular on-site coaching of teachers, and monitoring programme implementation on the ground.

Workforce Education: An Insider’s Perspective Over The Past 25 Years

The last 18 months of the pandemic have significantly disrupted all facets of our country’s education landscape, with the use of technology becoming crucial during this period.

Media Works Is Now Officially An Offering Of Optimi Workplace

Leading workforce education and training provider Media Works is proud to announce that it is now officially an offering of Optimi Workplace.

Preparing Our Youth For The 4IR

By: Arthur Wade Anderson.

Phila Sizwe: Supporting South Africa’s SMMEs Through A Unique Mentor Hotline

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, FNB and Fetola are to help small business customers with pro-bono professional services.

AgriSETA Scales Up Sector Skills With Industry Partners

AgriSETA has made known its successful partnerships with industry partners to the sum of R147 million.

How You Can Contribute To The Success Of Our South African Youth

Your valuable skills development training partnerships assist us with changing the lives of thousands of young South Africans.

How After School Programmes Can Help Learners Overcome Covid-19 Hurdles

As COVID-19 swept across the world a few months ago, and life as we knew it came to an eerie halt, there was a scramble for as much continuity as possible.

Shaping The Future Together

At the end of every year, hundreds of thousands of matriculants eagerly start planning their futures. Unfortunately, only a small proportion have access to higher education, with most trying to find jobs immediately.

Meeting Current And Future Skills Needs

Even before the global coronavirus pandemic, the world was changing at an unprecedented rate.

Code 300: A Game Changer For The Missing Middle

The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) published revisions to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

Image: ENGEN Pitch Polish - Bruce Diale - 2017 Winner

Win R80 000 In Cash For Your Biz

Running your own business? Want to run your own business? Either way, ENGEN Pitch & Polish is the platform you need to launch you on the path to success.

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Don’t Get Trapped By Your Burglar Bars

What would you do in an emergency whereby you have burglar proofed your entire house or office, and you are trapped during a fire, and you require an escape route?