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Success Stories – ViewProtect Armed Bars

ViewProtect is the most secure alarm sensor which can connected to any alarm system, and provide a 24/7 active alarm monitoring protection.

ViewProtect Armed Bars was created with two main aspects in mind:

  1. The most secure Alarm monitoring sensor and
  2. a strong physical barrier that is aesthetically pleasing.

The reason why we say it is the most secure alarm sensor is that it can be connected to any alarm system, and provide a 24/7 active alarm monitoring protection that will not activate any accidental false alarms.

For the last 7 years we have installed our Armed Bars internationally and we are pleased to announce – there were no accidental false alarms!

Here are a few true success, stories of how the Armed Bars saved lives and defended our customer’s privacy, without actually allowing the burglars to enter the homes.

“I chose those deterrent bars for two reasons. Firstly, they look better and less like prison bars than any of the steel bars I have seen.

Secondly, they attach to the alarm.

I felt that my decision was vindicated with the attempted break in. I know from experience that most deterrents are accessible to determined burglars, but I feel that the alarm going off before the intruder gets into the house proper is a very effective deterrent. “

Thank you


ViewProtect was pleased to hear from a client in Zambia informing us of a failed attack whilst he was present in his home.

The attackers, who were armed, attempted to gain entry by cutting through the Armed Bar on one of the windows. They were however scared off when this triggered the alarm system of the house.

Had it not been for ViewProtect’s Armed Bar allowing the alarm system to remain active whilst he was in the house the outcome for this client might have been very bleak.

ViewProtect’s Armed Bars trump intruders!

When criminals attempted to break through the ViewProtect unique Armed Bars by trying to melt the clear bars. The ViewProtect Armed Bar activated the alarm after the heat burnt through a concealed wire and the criminals then fled the scene empty handed. The ViewProtect Armed Bar again demonstrates the importance of the transparent burglar bars being connected to an active alarm monitoring system, supplying you with a physical barrier and alarmed perimeter!

These are letters, emails and Facebook entries straight from our clients, and there are many more. Please view our Facebook page for more entries and images.

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