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Don’t Be Another Statistic

Secure yourself with armed bars.

A recent study – together with in-depth interviews conducted with convicted home burglars – Dr. Rudolph Zinn from UNISA’s School of Criminal Justice conducted research into understanding and preventing house robbery in South Africa. Based on in-depth interviews with convicted robbers, this is what he found:

  • 8 Out of 10 residential robberies are inside jobs, committed with the help of information supplied by house cleaners, gardeners and/or former employees.
  • Robbers monitor the home and the occupants for as long as two weeks.
  • Most attacks occur between 7pm and midnight when people are relaxing, sleeping, cooking or watching TV, and the security systems and beams have not yet been activated. Robberies can continue up until 4am.
  • 97% Of robbers are armed with some form of a weapon.
  • On average, an armed robbery gang consists usually of four members.
  • The average age of a house robber is between the ages of 19 to 26 years of age.
  • An average of 30% of all house robbers have either committed murder or won’t hesitate to commit murder if the opportunity presents itself.
  • Only 17% of house robbers are foreign nationals.
  • Out of all convicted robbers, 90% have no matric qualification or were unemployed before committing their crime. The other 10% who were employed gave up their jobs when confirming how much they could ‘earn’ from a robbery.
  • Most victims or targets are affluent persons who openly display their wealth, such as wearing expensive jewelry out in public.
  • The average robber commits 103 robberies over a 7-year period before getting caught.
  • Most attackers’ homes or ‘bases’ are a 10 to 30-minute drive from their targeted address.
  • The conviction rate for house robberies in South Africa is a dismal 7.67%. In the USA it is 53%.

To prevent you and your family from becoming another number in the statistics, we strongly suggest you have a solid look at your security systems and sensors in place.

ViewProtect is proud to have developed the most secure alarm sensor money can buy – the Armed Bar. The Armed Bar is not only a physical barrier, it provides 24/7 active alarm monitoring even when your alarm system is deactivated. It is aesthetically pleasing and gives you peace of mind whilst providing you with a 10-year Break Through Warranty.

For more information, please visit our website at or contact us on 0861 444 789.

Image: ©Shutterstock - 607056779
Image: ©Shutterstock - 607056779

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