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BeaconMedaes Medical Gas Distribution Systems

Ultra clean medical air solutions for health care facilities with BeaconMedaes medical gas distribution systems.

World quality medical gas distribution systems from BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, is utilised in numerous health care facilities around South Africa for the delivery of ultra clean air to patients. This includes the medical air, vacuum and oxygen delivery plants.

“The supply of medical air to theatres and hospital beds is critical to patient safety and care and is therefore considered a vital life support service,” notes Charl Ackerman, Business Line Manager, Medical Gas Solutions.  “So when it comes to the quality and reliability of medical air, there can simply be no compromise.”

Ackerman adds that medical air is classified as a drug or pharmaceutical and the concentration of impurities must therefore be carefully controlled to ensure compliance with the European pharmacopoeia monograph.

BeaconMedaes operates under all international medical gas standards and is NFPA 99, ISO 7396-1 and HTM 02-01 compliant. Furthermore, all products are designed and manufactured to the ISO 13485 quality management systems. With patient safety being the most important factor accomplished by standards, the importance of adhering to these standards and regulations can never be underestimated. “ISO 7396-1 compliancy ensures that our products not only meet the three non-negotiables of quality, quantity and continuity of medical gas supply but also addresses the three potential problems that surround the supply of medical gas i.e. no gas, bad gas or the wrong gas,” affirms Ackerman.

As one of the world’s largest service organisations devoted exclusively to medical gas systems, BeaconMedaes has deeply established roots across the entire medical gas industry. The company leads the global market in innovative medical gas and laboratory systems and services providing complete solutions for health care facilities, from source equipment to pipeline equipment.

The BeaconMedaes range of medical gas products and systems includes medical air plants, oxygen generation plants, medical vacuum plants, anaesthetic gas scavenging systems (AGSS), manifold control systems (all gases), monitoring and alarm equipment (all gases) and pipeline components (all gases). “Our medical gas portfolio also extends to the supply of bed head units and ceiling pendants,” adds Ackerman.

“Crammed with best-in-class features, the BeaconMedaes medical air products and systems offer unparalleled performance, reliability, efficiency and safety for increased life cycle and reduced operating costs, delivering lowest overall total cost of ownership and peace of mind,” concludes Ackerman.

Atlas Copco was licensed by SAHPRA (the South Africa Health Products Regulatory Authority) on 31 May 2019 for the BeaconMedaes medical gas solutions portfolio.

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