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NOVO Energy Leading By Example

“Change the world by your example not your opinion” Paul Coelho.

It is through leading by example that NOVO Energy is able to share its experience and the benefit of using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) with vehicle fleet customers. NOVO Energy has been active in the transportation sector offering bespoke energy solutions to customers since 2008. With our in-house expertise and strategic partnerships we are able to provide fleet customers an all-encompassing energy solution.

Our energy solutions include gas refuelling, onsite infrastructure and other value added services. To date NOVO Energy, with its vehicle conversion partners and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) have managed to present compelling cases to fleet customers, assisting them to  make the transition from conventional fuels (Petrol and Diesel) to natural gas.

For NOVO Energy to have meaningful discussions with customers it is important that we lead by example. The executive team at NOVO Energy has made it its priority to introduce the use of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) in its operations and in the value chain of transporting CNG to our customers. We are proud to have in our company fleet, a mix of OEM approved and natural gas converted vehicles. NOVO Energy has further set targets for our transportation service provides to also follow suite by incorporating NGVs into their fleet.

As of April, NOVO Energy has formally started conducting trials to test the OEM approved heavy duty vehicles using Diesel Dual Fuel (DDF) and Dedicated Gas Engine technologies. The heavy duty vehicle will be used in the transportation of CNG to NOVO Energy Customers. We are pleased to announce that or transportation service provider has embrace this trial and has introduce a DDF truck into its fleet. We plan to conduct trial with Dedicated Gas Engine truck around June this year.

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