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NOVO Energy provided consultancy to ClinX that resulted in the customer switching fuel from Illuminating Paraffin to Natural Gas.

The customer procured a new gas fired boiler for generating steam for an Auto Clave. NOVO Energy also supplied the burner equipment for the incinerators that are currently being operated by the customer. The Burner Equipment included, package burners, Microprocessors, Control Panels and Gas Pipe Trains.

 The Energy Solution that was defined by NOVO Energy for the customer was chosen  to meet the customers requirement of Air Emission Reduction and Safety Compliance. NOVO Energy in collaboration with strategic partners and in-house expertise successfully commissioned the ClinX Customer plant on 02 April 2020.

 In light of the National Lockdown, and the heightened sensitivity on the discarding of medical waste as a result of the COVID -19 Pandemic, NOVO Energy realise the strategic importance of ensuring that the ClinX Medical Waste Treatment Facility to be commissioned and made operational as a matter of priority.

 NOVO Energy together with the customer work diligently and with vigour  to secure all the approvals and compliance document that is a pre-requisite for the facility to operate on natural gas. This was done albeit through the National Lockdown. We are proud to have played our part in supporting a facility that is part of Essential Services in South Africa.

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