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Audit Systems For Readymix And Clay Brick Operations

Industry association, ASPASA, is extending its safety, health and environmental audits to include non-mining related activities including readymix, concrete and brick plants.

In many instances these plants are located close to the quarry or mine or even situated on the mine, and make use of minerals that have been extracted from the mine. However, if the plants are not situated within the mine’s boundaries they are not covered by the Mine Health and Safety Act (MHSA) but rather need to comply with the Occupations Health and Safety Act. Similarly, a comprehensive environmental audit is also available based on ASPASA’s internationally acclaimed audit system, the about face programme.

Nico Pienaar of ASPASA

According to ASPASA director, Nico Pienaar, the audits were developed on ISO principles and tailor made to South African conditions. Guidelines and documentation are supplied to members to ensure compliance with legislation and ASPASA best practices, where after the annual audits are conducted to ensure conformity.

“The audits address the needs of the industry as they are designed to be inexpensive and easier to implement than existing programs. Yet, they are every bit as comprehensive and easily ensure that the plants audited will have the right systems and procedures in place to ensure compliance with all legislation and best practices.

“It is especially convenient for plants that operate both the quarry or mine, as well as the auxiliary plant offsite. Rather than using multiple suppliers the company can simply make use of the existing auditors for less complications,” says Nico.

He concludes that the audits are conducted by an independent auditor who are well versed and better able to work quickly and efficiently through each site with the least possible disruptions. Upon completion the auditors also compile a non-compliance report that can be used to take immediate remedial actions. It makes sense to use a professional supplier with specially developed programs to ensure the health and safety of the site, as well as ensuring the operation is run with the least environmental impact.

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