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Icon Utilising New Hydraulic Hammers And Crushers

Icon Group are well on track to complete the civil services for the R20million Sunderland Ridge Ext 23 project situated in Centurion for Developers, Falcon Foresttrading in association with API Property Group.

This greenfield industrial development project is being developed to accommodate warehousing and factory premises. They won against fierce competition on the back of the company’s reputation and competitive pricing due to their extensive range of bulk earthworks equipment, Icon is backed by a competent technical and support team of 50 permanent employees on site.

Awarded in July this year for its project, which is on track for completion by mid-December, the scope of works included the construction of all infrastructure including roads; storm water pipes and structures; municipal water & sewer; as well as electrical and street lighting. The contract also included a large amount of crushing for layer works and fills.

The rocky conditions typical of dolomitic areas proved very challenging particularly due to the large level variations over areas resulting in peaks and valleys in the trench excavations. The dolomitic and rocky ground conditions required a large amount of rock breaking and crushing which was accomplished using newly purchased hydraulic hammers and crushers. The piping material utilised is also specific to the conditions and the combination of spigot and socket storm water pipes with HDPE for all other pipes ensures longevity of the services in such dolomitic conditions.

Wayne Neary, Icon’s Managing Director states, “The crushing of the rock on site has resulted in considerable green savings due to the fact that we did not have to cart the rocks off site, reducing the carbon footprint of the project. In addition, we also did not have to import some of the layer works that compounded this positive effect.”

For more information, visit: www.iconearthworks.co.za.

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