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Supporting SME Growth with Custom IT Solutions

It is no secret that small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) form the backbone of the South African economy.

In fact, worldwide, it is the ‘small guys’ and agile entrepreneurs who keep the cogs of the global economic engine turning! Yet these businesses tend to receive little support from government and private sector service providers – who target the bigger fish in search of bigger returns. Fortunately, in the critical realm of IT support, South African SMEs can turn to Dial a Nerd for affordable services. In today’s fast paced business ecosystem, staying connected is equivalent to staying alive.

Here’s how Dial a Nerd is keeping local SMEs online, profitable and productive…

1 – Staying connected all week long with remote tech support

Aaron Thornton

While we’ve all heard about remote working, remote support is a less familiar concept. Put simply, remote technology support means having an IT professional log on to your computer from anywhere in the world to fix technical issues. These professionals can also provide remote training in the same way. Understandably, business owners might feel a tad uncomfortable about trusting a stranger – operating from another location – with their valuable technology and data.

Yet remote support provides a quick and cost-effective way to tackle persistent IT issues that are sometimes easily solvable and who better to trust than the Nerds who’ve been around for 20 years. With remote support and qualified IT consultants on hand from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, we remove the headaches often associated with technology so that you can focus on growing your business.

2 – Harnessing outsourced IT solutions to boost efficiency

With profit margins under pressure, coupled with strict time constraints, outsourcing key IT functions is becoming a must-have for savvy SMEs. Instead of trying to manage in-house IT teams and expensive hardware, we ensure that SMEs are harnessing smart and efficient cloud computing solutions and streamlining hardware requirements. Essentially, outsourced IT means that we handle the details of tech maintenance for you – from personal PC clean-ups (we don’t ask for browser history), to software updates and finding the best connectivity solution for the business.

3 – Ensuring data security in a high risk environment

According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), small businesses account for 43% of all data breaches around the world. The report noted that the absence of ‘foundation-level and layered security controls, internal security discipline, and general security awareness’ are some of the common denominators in the data breach dilemma for companies worldwide.

There is no doubt that SMEs are a major target, with threat levels higher than they have ever been. Today’s cyber threats include ransomware, common phishing attacks, social engineering, and even ‘sextortion’. However, by outsourcing your IT, leveraging cloud computing and working with professional consultants, you can mitigate these threats. We take care of key upgrades for you, and ensure that you have all the necessary security measures in place.

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