A Call To Prioritise Biofuels For Aviation In SSA

It’s estimated that by 2050, global aviation could account for over 22% of all global carbon dioxide emissions due to rapid growth in air traffic – and with limited operational and aircraft design options for reducing emissions, there is a need for more low-carbon fuels.

Are Green Walls On The Up?

Do the benefits of putting plants on outdoor walls outweigh the cost of installation and maintenance? Carolyn De Kock reports.

Greening The Game Of Golf

Golf gets a bad rap from environmentalists, writes Busani Moyo. Can its reputation be saved by thoughtful course design?

Investing In A Green Future

Can green bonds unlock the investment to fight climate change? Vanessa Clark finds out.

Beyond The ‘Burbs

Puseletso Mompei investigates what’s happening with recycling efforts and waste outside of the big metros.

Waste: South Africa’s New Gold

South Africa’s recycling economy is growing rapidly, says Carolyn de Kock, rivalling international markets.

In Search Of Striped Unicorns

The Gamkaberg in the Little Karoo is home to a small population of Cape mountain zebras which have an important role to play in the future of their species, writes Andrea Weiss.

Let The Rivers Run

Keeping river catchments clear of alien vegetation is vital in water-stressed South Africa, and can deliver real human benefits along the way, writes Andrea Weiss of WWF South Africa.

Sense Or Sensibility?

Kerry Dimmer explores the ethical and economic benefits of sustainability.

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Beyond Day Zero

Even though Cape Town has pushed back Day Zero, Busani Moyo says there are still many reasons to be concerned about the future.

Could We Be World Leaders?

What will it take for South Africa to become an R&D and manufacturing leader in the world of renewable energy? By James Francis.

The Light-Bulb Moment

Hasmita Amtha discovers how to get off the grid and be more energy-efficient at home.

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Carbon Tax

As of January next year, South African businesses will be subject to a carbon tax on emissions generated. Adam Oxford talks to Candice Gibson to find out what that means.

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No Green Islands

When it comes to sustainable environmental initiatives, partnership is the name of the game, writes Mandy Collins.

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5 Smart Devices For A Greener Home

Smart homes aren’t just useful – they have technology that helps your wallet and the planet. Megan Ellis looks at a selection of green smart devices.