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‘A City Within A City’

Rosslyn to change automotive landscape in Africa.

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CoJ In The Driving Seat

South Africa’s youth unemployment rate currently stands at an astonishing 29.7% of the 10.3 million young people in South Africa. At just under 30%, this is certainly unacceptable for the country’s economic development.

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Collaboration In Africa’s Property Sector

In times of unprecedented change, collaboration between professionals offers the best prospect of economic certainty.

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Financial Education – Returns Rewards For Business

Karen Small, acting head at ACCA SA, discusses the Global Financial Development Report and SME’s.

Here Comes The Sun

Botswana is planning a large-scale solar power station, which, when complete, will provide a significant energy boost to Southern Africa.


Infrastructure Infrastructure development remains critical to the development of any country. In South Africa, the government through its National Development Plan has identified infrastructure development as crucial to socioeconomic development, with government committing billions of Rands for public sector spending on infrastructure. Further, Africa has some of the world’s fastest developing economies, and is well… Read more »

Green Designs

Sustainability and the green agenda continue to inform the architecture and design of new developments, says Hugh Fraser.

Using Technology To Overcome Infrastructure Challenges

South Africa’s mobile operators are leveraging technologies to deliver improved health and education facilities to rural areas.


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Construction Sector Outperforms The Economy – ACI

The construction sector at large continues to outperform the economy as a whole by a considerable margin.

Hyperscale Demand Encourages African Infrastructure Investment

Teraco launches Riverfields Hyperscale Data Centre Facility.