Budget Speech 2019

Finance minister, Tito Mboweni recently highlighted the following key interventions in his maiden budget speech.

CESA To Host Annual Infrastructure Indaba

Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) will host its annual Infrastructure Indaba on 6-7 March 2019 at the Durban International Convention Centre.

Transport Infrastructure

Transport infrastructure remains a chief vehicle for economic growth.

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City Of Joburg Goes Back To Basics

Underinvestment in infrastructure development, especially in most regions of Africa, hampers economic growth in those regions.

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An Electrifying Future

The transport sector faces a massive shake-up in the next couple of decades. Electric cars will come to the fore and things like the internet of things and self-driving vehicles will reshape the face of the industry.

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Rebuilding SA’s Infrastructure Industry

The country has gone from enjoying a multibillion-rand construction project pipeline to facing a virtual vacuum in a relatively short space of time. Rebuilding from here is going to require careful thought and long-term planning.

Transport Trends

Transport is the backbone of economic development, and given that it encourages trade, commerce and travel, its importance in unlocking opportunities for Africa cannot be over-emphasised.

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Travelling The Renewable Energy Route

As we transition into a greener future, renewable energy will become increasingly important. Fortunately, SA has solar, wind and hydro resources.

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Transport Infrastructure Remains A Chief Vehicle For Economic Growth

For any country, transport infrastructure networks are some of the most important assets it can have – not only in pure monetary value, but also the socio and economic gains that the transportation of people, goods and services brings.

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‘A City Within A City’

Rosslyn to change automotive landscape in Africa.

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CoJ In The Driving Seat

South Africa’s youth unemployment rate currently stands at an astonishing 29.7% of the 10.3 million young people in South Africa. At just under 30%, this is certainly unacceptable for the country’s economic development.

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Collaboration In Africa’s Property Sector

In times of unprecedented change, collaboration between professionals offers the best prospect of economic certainty.

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Financial Education – Returns Rewards For Business

Karen Small, acting head at ACCA SA, discusses the Global Financial Development Report and SME’s.

Here Comes The Sun

Botswana is planning a large-scale solar power station, which, when complete, will provide a significant energy boost to Southern Africa.


Infrastructure Infrastructure development remains critical to the development of any country. In South Africa, the government through its National Development Plan has identified infrastructure development as crucial to socioeconomic development, with government committing billions of Rands for public sector spending on infrastructure. Further, Africa has some of the world’s fastest developing economies, and is well… Read more »