Coping With COVID-19

Life under lockdown is extremely challenging for us all, but young people, in particular, are struggling with their mental and psychological wellbeing. Our expert explains how to cope.

The Sorry State Of The Country’s SOEs

How do South African state-owned enterprises stack up against those in other countries and what are the issues surrounding them? Caiphus Kgosana investigates.

SU Annual Human Rights Lecture

The Auditor-General of South Africa, Mr Thembekile Kimi Makwetu, will be the speaker at the Annual Human Rights Lecture of the Faculty of Law at Stellenbosch University.

Wasted! A Descent Into Corruption

The first public scandal hit the government in 1996 and since then, we’ve seen a stream of scandal culminating in state capture. Ferial Haffajee recounts just some of the high-profile ones.

SONA 2019

We begin this new year encouraged by the progress we have made, working together, in reviving our economy and restoring our country’s democratic institutions.

How Prepared Is Your Business?

Brendyn Lotz explores risk management and what unique challenges South African businesses face.