ANDRITZ Water Management For Responsible Closure Of Mines

Andritz double-suction submersible motor pumps used in sustainable post-closure care and maintenance in German mines.

ANDRITZ Launches New Dilution System For Thickeners

International technology Group ANDRITZ has developed OptiFLO, a new system for diluting thickener feed that uses the overflow liquid from the thickener to dilute incoming slurries or suspensions to the optimum solid-liquid ratio.

ANDRITZ Presents Flexible And Individual Solution For Controlling Pumps

International technology group ANDRITZ is now offering its newly developed ANDRITZ pump controller (APC).

ANDRITZ Pumps Drain Flooded Mining Tunnels In South Africa

Powerful ANDRITZ Ritz double-suction submersible motor pumps remove 1.5 million liters of water per hour from disused mines in Johannesburg.


ANDRITZ presents product innovations for the mining and minerals industry at EXPOSIBRAM.