Innovations In Fleet Management

Like most business executives, fleet managers are constantly trying to grow their profit by increasing revenue and decreasing costs. Caryn Gootkin looks at innovations that can help.

Humans And Robots Working Together

Carleen Bruce, Lead: Robotics Process Automation (RPA) at Maitland Fund Services, heads up the company’s pioneering role in using robots in fund administration. She describes Maitland’s RPA journey.

A New Way To Learn

With parents viewing education – maths and science education, in particular – as an investment, the sector is a potentially lucrative one for franchisees, finds Lisa Witepski.

The End Of Traditional Corporate Training?

Dale Hes investigates the latest developments in employee training methodologies.

AI, Take The Wheel

Autonomous vehicles are making waves internationally. But is South Africa ready for them? By Trevor Crighton.

Tax Tech

Innovations in accounting software help businesses streamline financial processes. Caryn Gootkin finds out how these changes help finance professionals.

Countering The Counterfeiters

New printing techniques are putting the brakes on forgery and counterfeiting. Monique Verduyn investigates.

AI Can Save Lives On The Roads

Technology is a game-changer, but can it be used effectively to make road travel safer? By Simon Foulds.

Technology Offers More Effective Communication

Are we looking at the fourth industrial revolution for the customer communication game?

Aura Says The Greatest Crime Fighting Weapon In History Is Predictability

Predicting crime will reduce levels thanks to AI and big data.

Conversational AI Booms In Local Insurance Sector

Even before COVID-19 plunged the world into crisis, artificial intelligence – more specifically conversational AI – was fast becoming a key feature in the digitisation of customer-facing industries like insurance.

Synthesis Migrates The AFGRI eAccounts Banking Platform To AWS In Six Months

SPONSORED: AFGRI Agri Services is a leading agricultural services company with core competencies to enhance, support and guide the growth of agricultural enterprises.

The Persistence Of Paper

Turning your archives into digital data ready for analysis isn’t as easy as you might think, finds Masibulele Lunika.

Technology-Infused Time Travel

Looking back on 21 years of innovation.

From AI to GP

Artificial intelligence is coming of age, with a host of applications across the medical industry. Anthony Sharpe plugs in.

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Hello, Computer

Smart speakers are joining homes worldwide. But are South Africans welcoming these housemates? Megan Ellis explores.

Should Everyone Code?

In the “fourth industrial revolution”, everything will be digitised. Does that mean programming is an essential skill for every job, asks Carolyn de Kock.