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Mr Gary Norton Retires As Principal From Marist Brothers Linmeyer’s High School

Mr Gary Norton has led Marist Brothers Linmeyer’s High School for the past 24 years.

He is the epitome of what it means to be Marist. He lives by the three values, displaying humility (never one to brag about his achievements), simplicity (he is not pretentious) and modesty (he shies away from the limelight).

Mr Norton always treats everyone that he comes into contact with like one of his own children, hence displaying family spirit. He has worked tirelessly for the good of the school, parents and students alike; modelling a love of work. He has always been open to new possibilities in his life and has followed Jesus in the way of Mary. He was always present to the students, parents and staff, listening without thinking of what he will say next. Finally, he has never believed in hierarchical structures, he has always built relationships that are simple and genuine.

As one of the staff members mentioned the following quote by E.M. Kelly, succinctly sums up his servant-leadership style, “Remember the difference between a boss and a leader. A boss says, Go! A leader says, Let’s go!”. This is how Gary Norton has led our team – working with us, sometimes communicating silently, but all with the same goal, like a pride of lions…we will certainly miss his guidance and wise words in the future.

On behalf of Marist Brothers Linmeyer, I would like to wish Mr Gary Norton, a happy and blessed retirement and I would like to extend a huge thank you to his wife, Allison Norton, for sharing him with us. This is not goodbye, it is goodbye for now…

Mr Gary Norton

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