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ProMinent Fluid Controls Launches Two New Peristaltic Pumps

Gauteng-based ProMinent Fluid Controls recently launched two new products, the DFYa and DFXa peristaltic pumps, which are ideally suited to Africa’s arduous mining sector.

By Nelendhre Moodley

SA Mining recently caught up with account manager Lizzie Myburg to chat about the company’s product offering.

Tell us a bit about ProMinent Fluid Controls?

The ProMinent group of companies has been developing and manufacturing components and systems for metering liquids and solutions for water treatment and water disinfection for over 55 years.

The company’s global success story is related to its high-quality products based on decades of engineering expertise, an in-depth understanding of applications and continuous innovation.

The group of companies continuously invests in research and development. The ProMinent group has a high degree of vertical integration at its 12 production sites worldwide, including Heidelberg, guaranteeing high levels of quality for our customers and ensuring our independence from fluctuations in supplier markets.

The modular ProMinent range enables our customers in a wide range of industries to achieve maximum safety and efficiency in their production processes at all times.

For us, customer proximity means working with the customer to find the right solution for individual needs. Personal, practical advice and smooth project handling are a significant part of our customer service offering.

We are passionately committed to environmentally sound, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for metering technology and water treatment.

How important is the mining sector to the company, and how has it grown this segment of the market over the past few years?

The mining sector is very important to us; however growth in this market has been slow. We believe that given the introduction of the latest products, there is room for an uptick from the local market. Interestingly, sub-Saharan Africa has shown a significantly better growth than the local market.

Among the key reasons for our success is that the ProMinent range of equipment is robust and well able to handle a range of chemicals, dust and heat. The products are as effective on the surface as they are in underground operations. ProMinent equipment works well to ensure that chemicals are always metered correctly and that the operation runs reliably.

For the mining sector, which are your top products?

Our top products are chemical metering and peristaltic pumps, as well as polymer make up systems and solid dosing with for instance lime for pH correction. The two new DFXa and DFYa peristaltic pumps have proved to be a perfect fit in the mining sector.

Given that ProMinent Fluid Controls’ goal is to increase product efficiency and ensure safety for your customers, how has this translated in terms of product development?

All of the ProMinent products are developed in-house at our factory in Germany. This ensures a high-quality product that is continuously developed. With the current focus on Industry 4.0 and remote monitoring of processes, the DFYa and DFXa offer not only control options that are currently not found on any other peristaltic pump in the market, but also the option to monitor all pumps via a cloud platform.

How do the DFYa and DFXa peristaltic pump ranges meet the drive for increased efficiency and safety?

The internal electronics in the pump offer a wide range of fault detection, and via the extensive range of communication options, faults and possible situations can be detected before they become a safety hazard.

Are the latest products available to the African market?

The products were launched in 2020 and are available to the African market, including South Africa. Already, one of the pumps has been shipped to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with six more awaiting dispatch to a local mine, while another is earmarked for a sweets manufacturer in Johannesburg. Further to this, we have demo pumps available for testing at our warehouse in Johannesburg.

What are other key defining features of the new products, and how well suited are they to the African mining market?

The ProMinent peristaltic pumps have been on the market for years and have an extremely good reputation for quality and reliability. Control for the pumps is new and offers customers better functionality than just the standard on-off pumps that are on the market.

Other key features on the DFYa and DFXa are:

  •             Adjustment of the metering rate directly in l/h or gph.
  •             Simple hose change.
  •             Metering abrasive fluids, possibly containing particles.
  •             No problems with very gaseous media or air locks.
  •             Suitable for viscosities of up to 50 000 mPas.
  •             Sole contact with media in the hose.

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