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Textile Team Goes For Global Gold

Following their goal for Finlam Technical to become a ‘global player’ in textile manufacturing, directors Grant Adams and Anthony Halliday have paved the way for unquestionable success in a declining market.

Several years ago, after a management buy-out, they took on a rebuilding phase and restructured not only their company’s vision but also its processes. Facing challenges such as a shrinking market and a fluctuating currency, innovation was going to be the only plausible way to success. In order to reach the goal they envisioned, they needed to upscale their plant to start catering to their newly established international markets.

Anthony Halliday and Grant Adams

At the time of taking over the footwear force, their vision was to look into more technical applications. Focus shifted towards increased capabilities by updating old machines and acquiring new equipment, using only cutting-edge technology. Their advanced technology allowed them to implement international manufacturing standards by the convergence of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and production control systems. More importantly, they have attracted the right people to forge a team best suited to the stringent environment within the textile industry.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “In a democratic scheme, money invested in the promotion of learning gives a tenfold return to the people even as a seed sown in good soil returns a luxuriant crop.” The directors of Finlam Technical believe in education. Therefore they have invested substantial capital in training and empowering their people.

Vertical integration has kept Finlam Technical operational throughout the current economic climate by means of controlling the input into the company, which in turn guarantees the quality of their product supply into the market. Together they have built something that continues to grow from strength to strength. In doing so they have provided much-needed jobs in South Africa.

They might only be part of the way on their journey to success, but given the platform they have already built, their ultimate objective of becoming a trusted and respected player in the textiles market, both locally and abroad, is not too far off. An increased global footprint in the technical textiles market means global expansion, and ultimately growth in South Africa, creating jobs and welcoming prosperity.

Image: ©Shutterstock - 331556552
Image: ©Shutterstock - 331556552

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