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In Sync With The Global Apparel Industry

Sync has grown into a leading global apparel enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product life-cycle management (PLM) software system.

At its core, the program was developed to manage the full end-to-end product life cycle of a garment from costing through to delivery. Started in 2006 in Durban, the program has morphed from a basic apparel costing tool into a fully-fledged enterprise level system that has over 25 modules, integrations with 30-plus systems and more than 160 customers in 13 countries around the world. iSync Solutions, the holding company, has offices in Durban, Cape Town, Los Angeles and Sydney.

“We have been very successful in making the system relevant to small apparel companies with 10 users but at the same time creating huge efficiencies at large organisations with 250-plus users. We have completely turned the apparel ERP industry on its head by providing all-inclusive implementation fees at extremely competitive rates – providing the best return on investment available in the industry,” says CEO Peter Booysen.

Some of the milestones along the way have been:

2001: First implementation at Powerhouse International Fashions before the company started actively marketing the system to other business. Powerhouse still successfully runs Sync today with 150-plus Sync users.

2006: Start of iSync Solutions.

2006: Implementation into Musgrave Agencies and associated companies which included Jeep, Quiksilver, Fox and a host of well-known brands.

2013: Implementation of Sync into the Foschini Group.

2013: Its 100th customer.

2014: New office in Los Angeles, California.

2014: First global implementation with multi-country locations – US, Australia and France – Vissla.

2015: New office in Sydney, Australia – with in-house factories in Fiji and Sri Lanka.

2016: Biggest customer in Australia – Kookai.

2016: Its 150th customer.

2017: Implementation at Walmart’s second biggest apparel supplier.

2017: 20th international implementation.

Most apparel and footwear companies in South Africa use Sync to successfully manage their businesses. The company said it had been a great journey and that it had enjoyed great opportunities both locally in South Africa and overseas.

“Relentless determination to develop the best system for the apparel industry and an unwavering commitment to provide unrivalled customer service has been and continues to be the cornerstone of our company,” says Booysen.

Image: ©Shutterstock - 1027535158
Image: ©Shutterstock - 1027535158

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