Food Scraps – More Useful Than You Think

South African companies are driving innovative household waste recycling projects that put food scraps to good use, writes Trevor Crighton.

A Multipronged Approach To Stave Off Hunger

Denise Mhlanga highlights the work of hunger relief programmes in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape and North West provinces.

By The People For The People

Food gardens go some way towards alleviating food insecurity, but we must remain cognisant that real solutions lie in community cohesion. By Sue-Ellen Donough.

Partnering For New Solutions To An Old-Age Problem

Corporates and nongovernmental organisations are embracing partnerships and new technologies to feed the hungry. By Anthony Sharpe.

Food Safety And Food Security: A Tale Of Two Systems

South Africa has food, but we must overcome its historical gaps, writes James Francis.

All It Takes Is The Right Action

Food travels a complex supply chain. The required reduction in waste to address global hunger and global warming requires all stakeholders to become engaged, writes Gareth Griffiths. 

Food For The Future

In the six years since the South African government launched “Operation Phakisa” to accelerate development of the ocean-based economy, fishing yields have increased fivefold.

The Science Of Soil

Understanding soil can play a major role in farming and food security. Joanne Carew investigates.

Off The Street

Joanne Carew chats to organisations using urban spaces to fight food insecurity.

Is Grant Enough For Food Security?

Mpho Lukoto speaks to academics about whether the Sassa grant can resolve hunger in poor households.

5 Ways To Reduce Commercial Food Waste

Clinton Matos looks at ways companies can keep their food out of the bins.

Empowering Small-Scale Farmers

Clinton Matos interviews Oxfam’s Head of Democracy, Governance and Strategic Alliances Programme, Mthandazu Ndlovu.

Fishing For The Future

Viking Fishing is one of the most diverse and dynamic fishing companies in South Africa. Nick Cowen speaks to them about the way they fish for the future.

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Let It Flow

Lungelo Shezi investigates how the City of Joburg is making water more accessible to poor households.

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Read The Label

Is processed food really unhealthy for you, and if so what can be done to make it healthier? Brendyn Lotz explores the matter.

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A Fish Fight In Hout Bay

Residents of Hangberg have been protesting over proposed fishing restrictions, but is there more to the tensions than the number of lobsters a fisherman can catch? Brendyn Lotz investigates.

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Finding Solutions To Food Waste

What are some South Africans doing to make sure good food doesn’t go to waste? Nick Cowen takes a look.

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The Unexpected Economic Star

Against the backdrop of a stagnant economy, agriculture was largely responsible for helping South Africa pull itself out of recession in September. Michelle Nel looks at why.

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Let It Flow

Lungelo Shezi investigates how the City of Joburg is making water more accessible to poor households.

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

What lessons can be learned from the worst dry spell southern Africa has experienced in decades, asks Tremaine van Aardt.