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Invisible. Intelligent. Innovative.

SPONSORED: Invisible and indispensable. The central intelligence of a logistics system.

It breathes life into machines, connects people and technologies, and creates intelligent processes. Yes, we’re talking about software. It’s the frequently underestimated player that makes the right decisions at the right time, holding the key to success.

Software solutions need to be tailored to each existing infrastructure and a wide range of different modules can be integrated in the logistic concept. With the intelligent interplay of all components, maximum success comes with minimum effort. This way, an installation can unfold its maximum potential with software being the key player behind the scenes. With KNAPP’s KiSoft software package, solutions are made-to-order for all processes across all levels from warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse control systems (WCS) to machine control systems. The software solution offers maximum flexibility and scalability.

All you need is data

Any technology is only as intelligent as the software running it. KiSoft software solutions run quietly in the background, providing the overall system with the instructions it needs to run efficiently. Which handling unit is needed to fulfill the order? In what sequence should trays be retrieved? Where should the items be placed on the load carrier? KiSoft instructs the system in all of these tasks.

So that the software can work intelligently, the master data for all the goods must be properly maintained and continually expanded in the system. Master data provides the basic information to safely and intelligently store items in warehouses. As a result, transparent, flexible and error-free processes can be carried out.

That’s why master data is truly a goldmine when it is well-maintained and intelligently integrated. The quality of the master data plays a central role: It must be up-to-date, correct, available and complete.

The perfect pattern   

Companies are losing an enormous amount of time and money on poorly packed load carriers, because they are not using the space on the load carriers in the best possible way. As a result, a lot of unused space is being transported, causing needlessly high transport volumes. On top of that, the goods are often damaged or broken by the time they are delivered. This happens all too easily when items are not placed securely.

To tackle these challenges, KNAPP developed the software solution KiSoft Pack Master. The software consolidates the information necessary, such as dimensions, stability and load capacity, to calculate the ideal packing pattern. With this data the software is generating the ideal packing pattern according to the customer requirements.

This helps employees in warehouses with manual and semi-automatic picking. The software guides the user to find the ideal place on the load carrier in the picking process. The information is displayed on the screens of the ergonomic Pick-it-Easy work stations with the help of the intuitive easyUse operating concept. No lengthy trainings are needed and the likelihood of goods being damaged is reduced tremendously.

On the Pick-it-Easy work stations, information is displayed with the help of the intuitive easyUse operating concept

When software plays Tetris

Software also plays a vital role in fully automatic robot technologies ensuring smooth logistics processes and making decisions based on master data. KNAPP’s KiSoft Pack Master packing arrangement software is somewhat of a professional Tetris player in automated warehouses. The software works as a brain for robotic solutions such as RUNPICK or Pick-it-Easy Robot. When an order starts, the software is already thinking about the optimal position for the entire order on the target load unit. That’s how all the blocks land in the right positions and right side up, forming a stable and space-saving unit. And that’s not all, KiSoft Pack Master has something to offer the employees working in the store and makes their processes as easy as possible for them. Thanks to optimum grouping and arrangement, all items are loaded on the load carrier in the reverse order. This means that delivery is store-friendly with the items arranged in the ideal order for refilling the shelves in the store. Naturally, each store defines its own ideal sequence.

The software is the brain of robot solutions

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KiSoft Pack Master ensures the perfect balance between packing density, stability and store-friendly delivery

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