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Hansgrohe Is Not Just Smart… It’s Eco-Smart

Hansgrohe, known worldwide for its quality and innovative products, is the creative hand behind the exceptionally popular Metropol and Raindance Eranges on the South African market.

Both Metropol and Raindance Eranges are made with environmental concerns in mind.

Both are also available as EcoSmart products, the revolutionary concept which hansgrohe stands behind as avid protectors of the future. Coupled with products which look remarkable and work with precision – it is no wonder the company is a trendsetter in the sector.

The Metropol

The striking product not only makes your bathroom look and feel stylish and contemporary but is also easy to operate while offering so many attractive features including:

  • A cubic base set underlining its high quality
  • Harmony through the parallel design of handle and spout
  • An unmistakeable geometric silhouette with open curve
  • An elegant look, thanks to expansive surfaces
  • Precise lines creating fine reflections
  • A rectangular wall flange for continuity of design

The Metropol range offers freedom of design thanks to three different handle designs: 1) solid lever handle which elegantly continues the planar design, 2) Delicate bow-shaped handle which conveys lightness and simplifies operation and 3) the Select button – simultaneously minimalist and intuitive.  The Metropol Select is simple to use as it turns the water on and off intuitively at the touch of a button– even with your elbow or palm which makes minimal water consumption a cinch as the water can be quickly and easily turned on and off between tasks. Furthermore, temperature can remain pre-set – making it so much easier to use every day – at your perfect temperature.

The Raindance E

The Raindance E overhead concealed shower – which recently won the IF Design award internationally – has once again proven and validated the design philosophy of Hansgrohe – combining design with functionality. This 300mm square shower head optimises XXL shower performance. The silicon nubs are specifically positioned to create an all-round feel-good shower experience – in the middle the nubs are tightly packed nozzles which create an intense jet for washing out shampoo, while on the outside the more widely spaced nubs with their gentle RainAir spray jet ensure a relaxing shower experience.

Words from the Top

“As water shortage becomes of grave concern to our world, so we, at Hansgrohe have created an award-winning design and combined it with a water saving device that will wash your hair and clean your body in half the time of a conventional shower head, but in a way that is comfortable and beautiful – while saving water,” says Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President of Product Management at Hansgrohe.

“Innovations such as our initiative – the Raindance E overhead shower – make showering and controlling the flow of water a positive environmental experience, as well as a positive showering experience – and the quality and design just complete the entire feel.”

Often when manufacturers attempt to make a shower head that saves water it is the user who ends up losing out, from less attractive designs, poorer quality materials and longer washing times. But with the Raindance E and the Metropol ranges, not only do you feel refreshed, you look refreshed and your bathroom looks stylish.

You’ll be the envy of your neighbours!

iF Design Leader in the Bathroom Industry

In the current 2019 ranking of the International Forum Design (iF) of the best companies in the world of design, the Hansgrohe Group, with its brands AXOR and hansgrohe, ranks in the TOP 10* among 4,215 listed companies.

The Black Forest based showers and fixtures specialist outperforms famous brands such as Apple, Audi or Daimler and reconfirms the company’s leading position in the bathroom industry.

For further information on our design awards, please visit: www.hansgrohegroup.com/en/about/claim/design/awards.

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