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Champions Of Water

Hansgrohe is a “champion of the value of water”. This self-proclamation is supported by their ‘green conviction’ and all round attitude towards the continued health of the environment.

But Hansgrohe is also committed to beautiful design – balancing sustainability and functionality with a swanlike grace.

The South African reality

Put simply, we don’t have water to waste. We’re not just talking about the Western Cape either. South Africa is classified as a “water-stressed” country and is ranked 30thon the driest-countries-in-the-world leaderboard, due to an average annual rainfall of 500mm.

Even without the Day Zero Water Crisis of 2017/2018 fame, ours is a country where water usage should be a National concern – and something that all kids are made aware of very early on. At the end of 2017, only 88% of households had access to running water. While some municipalities are enjoying massive water consumption rates; others have no water to speak of at all.

In short; the people of South Africa need to continue pushing the rise of water-conscious living that currently has the Western Cape firmly in its grip.

The Balance

There is, however, no reason that the above should limit your choices when it comes to perfecting your bathroom or kitchen. Which is why you want to go with Hansgrohe; because with their product ranges you can find the perfect balance between beauty and environmental-friendliness!


The Croma overhead shower is an award-winning shower head which remains one of the most popular products by Hansgrohe. Featuring a massive 280mm removable disc and a ball-joint installation, this is one of the finest sanitary products on the world market. What makes the Croma special is its extra-large spray zone and spray type of RainAir. Featuring EcoSmart technology, the Croma is an environmentally viable option for the modern home, with a maximum flow rate of 9l/m.


Metris is a range of stunning taps for the bathroom; all of which feature Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology. This technology restricts all Metris products to a flow rate of 5l/m. Metris taps are defined by minimalist design and a modern look which fits comfortably with any room in the house.


The Talis range made history as a multi-award-winning product with its pin handle design. The Talis range has a tap for any occasion; be it the shower, bath, basin or kitchen. IN fact, there are so many options within the Talis range, you are sure to find one which suits your tastes perfectly. Featuring EcoSmart, the Talis range is also limited to 5l/m flow rates – making them both beautiful and good for the environment.

Find your Balance

Hansgrohe offers plenty of support to the modern home owner in terms of design and choice. But most importantly, Hansgrohe offers South Africans choices which will have a positive impact on the world around us.

Make the change.

Hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water.

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