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Cango Wildlife Ranch – We Need Your Help!

We never thought we would be running a campaign quite like this one but here we are, April 2020, with hat in hand.
The worldwide epidemic, COVID-19, threatens closure of our 35-year-old business. But as you know, we are not just a business, we are a family. Our animals are our family and we have dedicated our lives to them and their care.
As per our President’s National Address, our country has been placed on lockdown from 25 March until end of April. The next few weeks would have included the National Arts Festival, school holidays and the Easter holidays. A crucial part of the year that funds 3 months of our operations. Quite simply, it has all been lost… all except hope.
As one of only two facilities in Africa to hold both PAAZA accreditation (Pan Africa Association of Zoo’s and Aquaria) and membership with WAZA (World Association of Zoo’s and Aquariums), we receive no government funding and have always taken enormous pride in being self-sustaining. Our credentials, accolades, education achievements and conservation successes exceed that of our longevity. However, now we find ourselves alongside the rest of the world, contending with a global crisis… and a crisis of our very own.
The owners have always cared deeply for our staff and community. As one of the largest employers in the region, their decisions and endeavours have always benefitted the local community and tourism industry. Our research, rehabilitation work and conservation initiatives remain paramount to our ethics and vision. Whether or not our facility is open, our commitment to our animals, employees, and community remains. Despite the costs, our animals deserve and are given the best care attainable. Right now, we are in dire need of financial aid we need to raise funds to keep our family cared for. Our biggest challenge is spreading the word and that’s where we are hoping you can assist. Please feel free to share/pass this to anyone that you think may be able to assist. You are welcome to share our facebook posts as well. If you know of any funding platform, and would like to add us on there, we would be most grateful for that too. Quite honestly any and all effort in assisting us will be deeply appreciated.
We have set up the following donation platforms:
All change will make a change.
Please know that no matter what, we have made a commitment to our animals, and we will do everything in our power to fight to see another day, with them and our amazing staff. And although we are concerned, we remain hopeful that we will pull through this challenging time. With dedicated supporters and members, we know its possible.
We thank you for your support. Please stay safe. We hold you all in our thoughts during this international crisis and hope that relief is felt world-over, in the very near future.
From our family to yours…
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