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Luxury Bathroom Design

From the 1960's tiling from floors to ceilings, to the now painted textured walls and minimalist décor, beautiful bathroom designs are adding value to our properties. But what are the latest trends?

The modern bathroom is a smart, luxurious retreat in which to relax, unwind and recharge. This year’s interior design is all about natural décor and highlighting natural sustainable elements as they impact so positively on our wellbeing. Bathroom design is no exception. Here are the trends for the 2021 bathroom.

2021 style trends


Is still in vogue and is simplicity at its best. As decorative elements are few, the bathroom space appears clean, efficient and practical with only functional items visible, non-functional elements having been hidden out of sight. This style, with its neutral tones, effuses a tranquil, neat and ordered ambience.

Biophilic Design 

Biophilic design: the integration of nature into our living spaces, is a popular growing interior design trend. In bathrooms, this is expressed in showpiece vases of radiant blooms, pots of lush foliage or luxuriant indoor gardens, nature-inspired décor artefacts and wall art, and floods of natural light. Biophilic bathroom design aims to reduce stress and create a sense of wellness.

New material trends

The latest in materials are natural and organic, embracing the return of nature in our homes and bathrooms.


Striking rose-gold, copper and brass reflect light adding a chic industrial touch and a pop of glamour. Metals with matt or satin finishes will also be in the spotlight this year.


Marble’s appeal lies in its wide variety of colourings and markings with no two pieces ever being quite identical. For a unique look, “book-matching” and “vein-matching” are still highly desired in  exclusive properties.


Much loved for its warm appearance and favoured predominantly for wall and floor coverings is accenting in beautiful wood-effect finishes on bathroom cabinetry.

Natural stone

An elegant, durable design idea is natural stone, usually for floors and walls but now featuring on countertops, sinks and even baths.

New accessory trends 

Smart technology

High-end bathrooms will showcase innovative, invisibly integrated, bathroom technology concepts such as heated towel racks or towel drawers, low flush and dual flush toilets, sensor mirrors which turn on as one’s face approaches, showers and taps with sensors to control the waterflow, sensor ventilation which turns on when the humidity reaches a certain level, and waterproof TVs for bathside enjoyment.

For the ultimate in luxury, have your own spa-like experience and install showers and bathtubs with built-in massages, great for de-stressing, relaxing one’s muscles and releasing the tensions of a long day.

Bathroom technology is still in its infancy with more exciting innovations bound to evolve..


Lights that make a statement are in vogue, such as grandiose crystal chandeliers and drum pendant lights. Showy lighting, and especially the on-trend adjustable light, adds warmth and glamour to the bathroom ambience.


There’s no better way to bring in what’s natural and calming than plants. For a beautiful, visual and textural aura, introduce indoor plants whether as a single, charismatic flowering plant like an alluring orchid, or abundantly clustered, lush, foliage in an indoor garden. Refresh the varieties seasonally to enjoy a renewed variation of greenery design.


Big mirrors are still in vogue with their angular shapes softened with rounded corners.

Coloured sanitaryware

Only the brave and those desirous of being different in their bathroom design will adopt the revival of coloured sanitaryware – making a bold statement bathroom.

The 2021 bathroom will adopt the fundamentals of natural design;  protecting the environment and amplifying our health and wellbeing whilst bringing in the outside world to enfold us in warm, calm, comfort and a sense of sublime luxury.

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